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Bambooster is a startup of agile coaching and innovation strategy consulting. Our clients are corporate as well as startups mostly in the field of life science.

We are specialized in innovation journey, design sprint and co-creation workshops with customers (design thinking, system thinking, lean startup, and business model innovation) to create, prototype and test new business solutions. We bring high energy and a unique visual facilitation style. We also provide agile team coaching (scrum, agile) and transformation coaching. We have experience running projects to design products, services or organizations.


Helping teams reaching their full potential and creating value.

We are convinced that meetings don’t have to be boring, that everyone could be creative, and that collaboration and trust are key to any transformation.

In our career, we witness so often teams wasting time and resources on solving the wrong problem, spending time in boring workshops, mixing their opinion with insights from customers or lacking clarity and alignment on the goals of the project.

With the right mindset and coaching on ways of working,  we help teams reach their full potential, so they develop and implement better strategies & solutions faster.

Bambooster reflects our purpose of bringing along the boost, high energy in project and workshop’s facilitation as well as the way bamboo grows.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plan on the earth, while being highly resilient,  flexible and humble. It is also one of the most creative materials, bamboo is a multipurpose plant used, just to name a few,  for food, construction, and textile.


Our guiding principles: creative. visual. agile.

FOSTER CREATIVITY: we design meetings to unleash creativity and boost inspiration

BE  VISUAL: we always sketch and use the space to design or communicate

ACT AGILE: we master agile methods and have the expertise to apply it in life science. Being agile is not a method, it’s a mental state

TAKE FUN SERIOUSLY: we intend to bring along fun and life back in meetings as it delivers better engagement and results

PUT PEOPLE FIRST: we always start with the teams and the culture of the organization

FOCUS ON CUSTOMER: we focus on the customer, before looking at the product or service

The right mindset and the right methods

We are a team of consultants with a coaching approach: we start with the team to foster the required capabilities & mindset and then we focus on the problem to solve. We are passionate about system and relationship coaching.

We are long-time practitioners of multitudes of methods and approaches: Design thinking and Leanstartups, Scrum, Business Model Innovation, visual strategy.

What – our customized solutions

Strategy, innovation journey, workshop design and facilitation:

  • Co-develop the strategy, design and facilitate the required workshops using design thinking, lean startups, scrum and design sprint (Google Venture method) over 1 to 5 days for a new product or service in a face to face or virtual set up.
  • High expertise in market access/pricing, commercial and medical strategies

Design thinking insights board and co-creation projects with external stakeholders

  • Insight board: obtain, with our client, insights from users, customers, stakeholders (eg new disease area product or new customers)
  • Co-creation workshop (face to face or virtual set up): design thinking and co-creation principles used to design, prototype and test solutions with users and customers

Business model innovation, Bootcamp, and Accelerator programs

  • Strategy to improve or create new business model with startups and corporates
  • Bootcamp (1- 2 weeks) and Accelerator (3 – 6 months) programs design and run: from an idea to tested solutions for up to 6 teams

Agile organization design and transformation

  • Help leaders and teams apply the principles and practices of enterprise agility and self-organised teams to transform business and organizational design and culture
  • Co-designing and implementing new agile business and operating models through shifting organizational architecture (structure, processes, economics) and culture (values, mindsets, behavior).

Agility & innovation capability building/mindsets and behaviors training and coaching

  • Agile capability-building, helping leaders and teams develop new mindsets, knowledge and skills in agility and creative problem-solving methods
  • Customized programs of 1 to 3 days mixing coaching and training, with real-life examples (face to face or virtual set up)