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Maybe some of the following needs resonate with you?

  • How could I develop a new product or service and make sure to avoid innovation theater by ensuring testing and implementation of the solutions? We need a new way to design our business strategy.
  • How to design brainstorming and help teams to unleash creativity, especially in a virtual set up? We need new ideas to shape our strategy.
  • How to continuously drive for customer’s insights and co-create? We want new ways to run our ad boards, find ways to co-create solutions with our customers.
  • How could I change the way my team works to foster speed, agility, and efficiency in a virtual context? We hear a lot about agile, we might also have been trained, but where to start?
  • How could I build capability, helping my team to develop new mindsets, knowledge, and skills in agility?
  • How could I build capabilities to perform complex problem solving and critical thinking and help my employes to become entrepreneurs?
  • How could I focus on the content of the discussion (offsite, virtual workshop)? I need someone to delegate the facilitation.