Our guiding principles: creative. visual. agile.

FOSTER CREATIVITY: we design meetings to unleash creativity and boost inspiration

BE  VISUAL: we always sketch and use the space to design or communicate

ACT AGILE: we master agile methods and have the expertise to apply it in life science. Being agile is not a method, it’s a mental state

TAKE FUN SERIOUSLY: we intend to bring along fun and life back in meetings as it delivers better engagement and results

PUT PEOPLE FIRST: we always start with the teams and the culture of the organization

FOCUS ON CUSTOMER: we focus on the customer, before looking at the product or service

The right mindset and the right methods

We are a team of consultants with a coaching approach: we start with the team to foster the required capabilities & mindset and then we focus on the problem to solve. We are passionate about system and relationship coaching.

We are long-time practitioners of multitudes of methods and approaches: Design thinking and Leanstartups, Scrum, Business Model Innovation, visual strategy.