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Client Feedback

“I had the privilege to have Aurélie as the facilitator for our one week and virtual sprint: design the personalized healthcare Center of Excellence framework including the focus, services, organization and proposed roles through a backcasting design method with a 2025 horizon. Not only Aurelie demonstrated her skills as a coach and facilitators but also she was our lightening house during this whole week! Without her, our outcomes would never be ambitious and meaningful. Precision Medicine Partner at Roche Belgium

“I recently hired Aurelie and the Bambooster team to elicit and design projects for gene therapies with Pfizer France. Not only they managed to engage us all virtually given the circumstances but also we reached with great success the objectives we had agreed upon with the Pfizer team. Aurélie and the Bambooster team are client-focused, provide great advice and demonstrate solid competences in agility and coaching” Marketing Director in Gene Therapies & Hemophilia chez Pfizer France

“ I had the pleasure of working with Aurelie as both a volunteer and consultant helping to design and deliver an immersive experience at the DayOne conference and as part of the team on the DayOne accelerator. Aurelie brings a passion for innovation and people and a natural customer focus of her own to her work. Her gifted sketching and encouragement of others to sketch themselves bring an extra dimension to her facilitation. She thinks deeply about the process of learning and collaboration. As part of the accelerator, Aurelie helped to design and deliver workshops on design thinking, hypothesis testing, business Model Canvas and Value Proposition, customer mapping in healthcare and team and culture. The workshops were well thought through and more importantly engaged the participants to challenge their original ideas and have a good debate” Douglas Haggstrom, Dayone Accelerator Manager,

“The team was impressed by Aurelie’s ability/ agility to facilitate our journey and bring her open and innovation mindset. Her support has been key to set the foundation of our launch. “ Global launch leader Oncology

“I had the pleasure of working with Aurelie to deliver a complex, yet innovative integrated offerings Design Sprint with key partners and customers. Her role was to design and facilitate the event which delivered significant business value, deep customer insights, and innovative solutions. In particular, her energy, expertise, and passion were key success factors to the overall program” Executive Team leader –commercial