Helping teams reaching their full potential and creating value.

We are convinced that meetings don’t have to be boring, that everyone could be creative, and that collaboration and trust are key to any transformation.

In our career, we witness so often teams wasting time and resources on solving the wrong problem, spending time in boring workshops, mixing their opinion with insights from customers or lacking clarity and alignment on the goals of the project.

With the right mindset and coaching on ways of working,  we help teams reach their full potential, so they develop and implement better strategies & solutions faster.

Bambooster reflects our purpose of bringing along the boost, high energy in project and workshop’s facilitation as well as the way bamboo grows.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plan on the earth, while being highly resilient,  flexible and humble. It is also one of the most creative materials, bamboo is a multipurpose plant used, just to name a few,  for food, construction, and textile.